High Frequency Words for Quarter 1:

High frequency words for Quarter 1 begin with the words taught in kindergarten:

I, see, my, like, a, to, and, go, is, here, for, have, said, the, play, she, are, he

New high frequency words for Quarter 1:

all, an, as, at, be, because, big, boy, brother, can, do, family, father, friend, get, girl, her, him, how, if, in, it, kind, me, mother, no, not,
on, or, people, she, sister, so, they, up, we, what, when, where, who, why, work, you, yes

Phonics Skills for Quarter 1:

Kindergarten Review:

Blending and Segmenting Phonemes - Short a, e, i, o, u
Consonants- m, s, c, t, n, f, p, b, r, h, g, d, w, I, x, y, k, v, qu, j, z

First Exposure:

Double/ Final Consonants
Plurals with s