High Frequency Worrds for Quarter 2:

after, am, animal, are, away, back, bear, been, before, but, by, came, come, could, day, did, don’t, for, going, had, has, have, here,
his, I’m, into, just, little, look, make, man, now, of, our, out, over, play, put, quiet, said, saw, that, then, there, this, too, us, very,
was, went, were, which, will, with, would, your, zoo

Phonics Skills for Quarter 2:

First Exposure:

Clusters with r, l, s
Triple Clusters
Final Clusters ft, lk, nt
Final nd, ng, nk
Verb Endings –s, -ed, -ing
Possessives with ‘s
Silent Letters in kn, wr, gn


Phonemic Awareness: Blending words with short vowels

Online Resources:

Owen and Mzee