High Frequency Words for Quarter 4:

bring, children, clean, cloud, cold, does, draw, drink, evening, forest, found, from, full, funny, garden, ground, hold, house, keep, life, light, live, many,
might, minute, morning, myself, next, ocean, once, own, paper, person, planet, pretty, quit, round, sky, some, space, start, their, they’re, today,
tomorrow, under, upon, want, warm, wash, water, world, write, yesterday

Phonic Skills:

First Exposure:

Phonics/Decoding: Sounds for y
Base Words and Endings –es, -ies

Base Words and Endings –er, - est

Vowels Pairs oi, oy, aw, au

Prefixes un-and-re-

Suffixes –ful, -ly, -y

r-Controlled Vowels ar, or, ore, er, ir, ur,

Blending and Segmenting Phonemes
Vowel Pairs ou, ow, / (oo)


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