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Book Adventures

Theme 10 is called “We Can Do It."

We will find out that there is always a way to get something done.

Skills for Week 1:

Comprehension Strategy: making predictions, predict and infer

Phonics: r controlled vowels: or, ore; er, ir, ur

High Frequency Words: began, break, divide, head, laugh, second, sure

Language: describing what we hear

Vocabulary: content area words: math, ordinal number words

Skills for Week 2:

Comprehension Strategy: sequence of events

Phonics Skills: r controlled vowels: ar

High Frequency Words: begin, minute, already, above, against, caught

Language: describing words: taste, smell and feel

Vocabulary: prefixes dis-, re-; figurative language: comparisons and feel

Skills for Week 3:

Comprehension Strategy: cause and effect

Phonics Skills: base words and endings -er, -est

High Frequency Words: present, thought, able, eye

Language: comparing (-er, -est)

Vocabulary: suffix: -ly, clothing words