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Book Adventures

Theme 1 is called “All Together Now”. We will explore things that friends like to do together.

Parents can:

· Talk about what qualities make a person a good friend.
· Discuss different jobs people do and how they help you and the community.
· Share a story about yourself as a child then ask your child to share one about themselves.

Skills for Week 1:
Comprehension Skill: Sequence of events
Comprehension Strategy: Predict/Infer
Phonics Skills: m, s, c, t ; short a words
High Frequency Words: go, on, the
Language: capital and lowercase letters
Vocabulary: names for animals and animal sounds

Skills for Week 2:
Comprehension Skill: Compare/Contrast
Comprehension Strategy: Summarize
Phonics Skills: n, f, p; short a words
High Frequency Words: and, jump, not, go, the
Language: beginning sentences with capital letters
Vocabulary: rhyming words, school words

Skills for Week 3:
Comprehension Skill: Cause and Effect
Comprehension Strategy: Evaluate
Phonics Skills: b, r, h, g; short i words
High Frequency Words: a, find, have, one, who, go, not, the, we
Language: punctuation
Vocabulary: shape words, words for feelings