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Book Adventures

Theme 2 is called “Surprise”.

We will find out that things don't always turn out the way you expect.

Skills for Week 1:

Comprehension Strategy: noting details

Phonics: d, w, l, x; short o

High Frequency Words: five, four, in, once, three, two, upon, what

Language: capitalizing names, word order in sentences

Vocabulary: number words, fun things

Skills for Week 2:

Comprehension Strategy: fantasy/realism

Phonics Skills: y, k, v; short e

High Frequency Words: do, for, I, is, me, my, said, you

Language: naming words

Vocabulary: opposites, foods

Skills for Week 3:

Comprehension Strategy: story structure; summarize

Phonics Skills: q, i, z; short u

High Frequency Words: are, away, does, he, live, pull, they, where

Language: action words

Vocabulary: days of the week and homographs