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Theme 3 Resources:

Theme 3 is called "Let's Look Around”. Spelling begins this week!===We will find out that interesting things happen in the world around us.===

Skills for Week 1:

Comprehension Strategy: topic, main idea, details/summarizing

Phonics: double final consonants, short a, plurals with -s

High Frequency Words: animal, bird, cold, fall, flower, full, lock, of, see

Language: What is a sentence?

Vocabulary: seasons of the year, months of the year

Skills for Week 2:

Comprehension Strategy: making predictions

Phonics Skills: verb endings -s, -ed, -ing; short i, po

High Frequency Words: all, call, eat, every, first, never, paper, shall, why

Language: naming part of a sentence

Vocabulary: possessives, words that describe size

Skills for Week 3:

Comprehension Strategy: categorize and classify, question

Phonics Skills: clusters with r, contractions with 's

Contraction Game

High Frequency Words: also, blue, brown, color, funny, green, like, many, some

Language: action part of a sentence

Vocabulary: color words, words that show position

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