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Book Adventures

Theme 7 is called “We Can Work It Out."

We will discover that characters find unique ways to solve problems.

Skills for Week 1:

Comprehension Strategy: problem solving

Phonics: vowel pairs (oa, ow)

High Frequency Words: again, both, gone, or, want, turn, hard

Language: proper nouns (people and animals)

Vocabulary: categorizing and friendship words

Skills for Week 2:

Comprehension Strategy: sequence of events, monitor and clarify

Phonics Skills: the /oo/ sound for oo, compound words

High Frequency Words: afraid, any, bear, follow, most, tall, water, idea

Language: proper nouns for places and things

Vocabulary: multiple meaning words, city words and things

Skills for Week 3:

Comprehension Strategy: fantasy and realism

Phonics Skills: vowel pairs oo, ew, ue, ou; long i (ie, igh)

High Frequency Words: build, old, piece, shoe, start, under, very, wear

Language: pronouns

Vocabulary: syllabication and house words