• Addition Apples (Facts: 0 to 18)
    A colorful, interactive game for reviewing addition facts from 0 to 18. Very easy to play. Simply click on the apple to reveal the correct answer for the number sentence.
  • plusMath: Addition Flashcards
    Practice basic addition facts using online flashcards. The game keeps track of how many of the attempted flashcards you get correct, and lets you know your percentage. Did you input an incorrect answer? Don't worry, a message with the correct answer will appear.
  • plusMath: Addition Hidden Picture (non-Java)
    Uncover the hidden picture by correctly choosing answers to basic addition facts. This fun interactive online game will have your students asking to practice their math!
  • BBC: The Little Animals Activity Center: Addition
    An online addition game for young children with three levels of play, beginning with counting and adding dots, and ending with higher level addition facts.
  • Harcourt School Publishers: Operations - Addition Seashell Search
    Find the sum of the addition number sentences to fill the bucket with colorful seashells. An interactive game that focuses on solving basic addition facts. Immediate feedback given.
  • Kidport: Basic Addition Facts
    Type in your answer to each of the addition problems. You will know right away if your answer is correct. Just click on "Next Game," when you finish and a whole new set of problems appears.
  • Bus Addition
    In this online math game students determine that if the passengers have enough money to board.